Mango jelly/ aam papad/ maamidi taandra…..we often hear screaming a seller at bus/ railway station s, yellow, transperant, mouth watering jelly steals our hearts! We really don’t know how hygenic care they have taken while preparing those, because health can not be ignored. Why not we try this simple recipe at home with hygein & love. Here is the recipe for you all.


Mangoes- 1 kilo
Sugar – 50 gms ( reduce or increase as per mango sweeness)

Plate to grease


1. Wash mangoes and take pulp.

2. Blend pulp in to smooth paste. Strain it.

2 .in a pan take mango pulp & sugar. Cook till it thickens.

3. Grease a tray. Spread this mixture.

4. Sun dry/ dry under fan for two days.

5.cut in to desired shapes. Enjoy

6. Store for a month or two.

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4 thoughts on “MANGO JELLY

  1. Wow yummy n mouthwatering mamidi tandra.Reminder of childhood days.Did not know how to make Tandra.If we make it at home can maintain hygiene n taste.Your pics n videos make the recipes more tasty

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  2. Wow wonderful. Have tried this before ofcourse from store. Didn’t know that you can make it at home. Wonderful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you liked it. It’s super easy delicious delicacy. Must try at home 😊

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