ALIV seeds/Halim seeds as a super food they are rich in protein. Garden cress seeds are rich in iron, folate, calcium and phosphorus. These are rich in essential amino acids. ALIV seeds are also called wonder seeds commonly used in post natal care. It’s beneficial for people who are suffering from skin and hair problems. ALIV seeds/Halim seeds/garden cress seeds helps in destressing and boosts immunity. Just a pinch of seeds soaked in milk is enough for a day. One should not exceed that limit. There are many recipies in ancient days like alive & jaggery coconut laddu, kheer, parata, lemonade etc .. make sure not to consume ALIV seeds in excess. This should always be consumed with essential fat for better assimilation. This must be consumed in winter only with portion control. Soaked and boiled ALIV milk can be as a bed time beverage which is more beneficial for good sleep and digestion.

* people should not take regularly who are suffering with allergies and thyroid hormone dissfunction.


ALIV seeds – 1/4 th tsp

Jaggery- 1 tbsp

Milk – 200 ml
Cardamom ( optional) 1

Nutmeg powder a pinch


1. Soak ALIV seeds for 2 to 3 hours.

2. They look soggy and gel like after soaking.

3. Boil milk. Add ALIV seeds and cook for  five minutes.

4. Switch off and add jaggery as per taste.

5. Sprinkle nutmeg powder. Serve hot.

4 thoughts on “ALIV SEEDS BEVERAGE

  1. Never heard of these! But looks very nutritious.

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    1. Few months back I found in an article mentioning it’s numerous benefits and ordered on Amazon. I tried some recipes with ALIV seeds. Wonder seeds with wonderful health benefits. Must include in diet often for good health. It’s an ancient food .


  2. What a power-packed nutritious beverage!

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    1. Yess, ancient and forgotten superfood!

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