Infact there are many different combinations and varieties in green teas, this free tea is bit different, prepared from herbs which are available from kitchen garden. Key ingredients for this tea tea are lemon grass,basil leaves and brahmi leaves. Lemon grass acts as refreshing agent, basil leaves have many medicinal properties like it’s antibacterial, immunity booster, where as brahmi leaves called as memory enhancer and also aids to balance sugar levels in diabetic. To reap maximum benefits from fresh leaves one can plant these plants in balconies as these needs low maintenance. Or else you can use storebought/ dried packet leaves.


Lemon grass – 3 to 4 ( cut in to small)

Tulsi/ basil leaves – 6 to 7

Brahmi/ – 6 to 7

Lemon juice- 1/2 tsp

Honey as per taste
Cinnamon powder a pinch

Basil/ tulsi
Lemon grass
Brahmi leaves
Basil leaves/ tulsi leaves
Dried lemon grass


1. Wash all the leaves. Cut in to small.

2. Boil water. Switch off and add these leaves. Let it infuse for 5 minutes.

3. Strain in to a cup. Squeeze lemon juice. Add honey if needed or else you can consume as it is.

4. Enjoy this refreshing green tea. Stay healthy.

🌿Have a great weekend 🌿

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